Furniture can be one of the biggest expenses in your home, restaurant or office, and you use it every day. However, because you see them so often, it’s often hard to notice when your sofas and chairs start to look dirty due to a thickening layer of dust, dirt and grime.

Professional upholstery cleaning associations recommend having the upholstered furniture in your home cleaned every one to two years, depending on how often you use it. Commercial buildings, offices, restaurants or other public places such as churches and social halls need to have upholstery cleaning services like Affordable Carpet Cleaning visit much more often. Experts and manufacturers suggest never going more than a year between steam and solvent cleaning if you don’t want to replace your furniture early.

End Asthma and Allergy Risk by Keeping Furniture Clean

Maintaining a regular upholstery cleaning schedule with a professional furniture cleaning service is a great way to make your furniture look better, feel more comfortable and last longer. It’s also a good way to keep the air in your home fresh and clear of dust, air pollution and common allergens.This can be particularly important for anyone with respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies.